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Top 10 free Antivirus software for Pc and Avast Personal review

Top 10 free Antivirus software for Pc and Avast Personal review

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This is voted from users as Top 10 or best free antivirus 2018 (they are in a casual order)

I can’t make a rank for the top free antivirus software for Pc because the rank it is personal as for humans, everyone has their beauties, and everyone have their wrong side, but the aspect that are beauty for me can be wrong for you and the thing wrong for me can be beautiful for you, as in human 😊 (click here if you want to know more about what is an antivirus software)


pacman game with a woman compared to antivirus eating malware
Eat the Malware as in Pacman Game!

I made just a list, so you can consider themselves one after the other one, seeking if you find what you are looking for,


Here’s the list of the best 10 antivirus free, just click on it and you will be redirected at their page, but wait for doing it, continuous reading the article first, there is something important for you to know.

star wars fighter against computer virus
You need a cyber warrior to protect your computer from virus and malware, this is an antivirus, a warrior that fight against bad enemies online.
  1. Avast antivirus (and my personal Avast antivirus review after 10 years as a customer)
  2. windows defender antivirus
  3. Malwarebytes
  4. Bitdefender antivirus free edition
  5. Kaspersky antivirus 2018
  6. Eset nod32 antivirus 10 license key
  7. Norton
  8. Avira
  9. Total Av antivirus
  10. Comodo Antivirus

Avast Antivirus Review

I have been Avast customer from more than 10 years and If Cryptoprotector didn’t arrive on the market I wouldn’t have changed it.  I used either Avast free and paid version and apart one year I had a Panda software antivirus pro, I only used Avast antivirus and I felt well. No any issue, it prevents me from getting virus and Trojan horses, sometimes I needed Malwarebytes to find spyware but nothing dangerous.

I would suggest surely Avast as one of the best antivirus also in 2018.

guardian controling a town as antivirus protect computer
Avast is a great Antivirus i used it for 10 years, if i hadn’t found Crypto protector Starbit i would have going on using Avast.

Searching for the Best Antivirus made especially for cryptocurrency?! You need Cryptoprotector!

Than if you want the best antivirus for cryptocurrency you must search a little bit more because in the top 10 antivirus there are no antivirus for cryptocurrency, I suggest you consider the only one crypto coin protection software: Cryptoprotector from starbit international

There is no other antivirus for cryptocurrencies on the market that can do same thing it can do, I suggest you benefit of the free trial week to see how an antivirus for crypto coin works and how you and your cryptocurrencies will benefit from it, click here to learn how to buy Crypto protector from Starbit

I personally suggest you consider your needs, if you are in the world of cryptocurrency and you want an antivirus, you do not need to search among the 10 best antivirus software only one choice, Crypto protector Starbit! If you are not in the Bitcoin and crypto, you can want a free antivirus, use Avast but think that all are great, the important is to have one.

Than if you need a professional use also not in cryptocurrency and bitcoin, but for example if you have networking structure, a company website, or something also more complex, than the top 10 antivirus free software are not for you anyway and I suggest you to search for something professional, keep in mind that most of this Antivirus software for desktop computer are freemium that means that maybe 95% of users are using it free, the 5% paying for it allows the company to make continuous update, development and revenue.

screen as in matrix movie attacked by spyware and virus
Fight Hackers and Cyber Thieves with the Top 10 free antivirus here


To conclude:

Download Crypto protector Starbit if you are in the world of cryptocurrency or for a company to be sure they do not be attacked by WannaCry and Virus like that, a pro version of one of the above listed antivirus company if you are a company or a business owner, one of the top 10 free antivirus software if you are just a user with not particular needs.

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