Cryptocurrency security & best antivirus to protect your cryptocoin from Virus
Best way to secure cryptocurrency in 2018 is with antivirus for cryptocoin!

Best way to secure cryptocurrency in 2018 is with antivirus for cryptocoin!

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To secure your cryptocurrency with the best antivirus is crucial in 2018


Cryptocurrency world is amazing and life changing for somebody, but it can be also risky and tragic if you do not take the correct precautions as the best antivirus for cryptocurrency on the market.


Cyber Thieves, Hackers, Jackers and Scam are around the corner and if you are already playing a protagonist rule in this world,

if you already have a wallet for digital currency or you have an account in an exchange platform, if you just have Bitcoin somewhere,

your crypto coins can be taken away from you with no possibility to have them back.


This is the biggest tragedy it can happen to you, you founded a way to accumulate cryptocurrencies throw mining, trading, buying, or anything you have done to have it, and then, in a second, your account it will show you a 0 instead of the number you supposed to see, do you think it could have been a collapsing moment for you?


I think it would have been like that for anyone with a cryptocurrency wallet independently from the amount they have inside it!!!


bitcoin with computer on the back with antivirus software
Protect your Bitcoin, you do not want to see 0 in your digital wallet!

New trendy words in vocabulary 2018 are all about security crypto currency coins


As the world move forward as the people that want to take advantage of you are doing the same and so new words as:


  1. Wannacry
  2. Wannamine
  3. Unauthorized mining
  4. antivirus cryptocoin
  5. cryptocurrency security tips
  6. cryptocurrency security companies
  7. cryptocurrency security issues

this words entered in our vocabulary because these becomes new needs in the “traditional cryptocurrency daily routine”.

What is and how to protect your bitcoin from Wannacry & Wannamine Virus?

hacker programming wannamine virus
Wannamine f#@k your PC and you won’t access anymore your Cryptocurrencies…

I do not know if you heard about Wannacry (if not check this article about Big Issue created worldwide from Wannacry virus), imagine if you have your computer attacked by this virus, what it would have happen to your Bitcoin in a cryptocurrency desktop wallet? BLOCKED as all the other files in the computer!


Maybe you as me sometimes connect in hot spot /wi-fi in bar or restaurant, now you are not only risking your privacy data it will be compromised without an antivirus as Avast or Avira or Norton, but this do not protect you from another issue that it is totally new, this do not protect from Unauthorized Mining and virus as Wannamine (read more about Wannamine Virus).


Wannamine and the others threats basically start to use your computer for mining cryptocurrency but not at your benefit but for somebody’s other benefit.


They use all your computer’s power with no respect and no attention, their goal is to utilize as much GPU and CPU they can to create coins, and this can cause to melt your pc without you knowing why!


This problem is so new that most of the biggest companies claiming to have the best antivirus 2018 they do not consider at all this protection and how to secure cryptocurrency. If you get Kaspersky antivirus 2018 or nod32 antivirus 10 license key, you are not protecting your cryptocurrency.


You need to find a way to protect your Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency from this malicious software and virus if you do not want to be back with nothing.


Crypto protector the first antivirus for cryptocurrency


I found a solution for this, I found a company that finally created what we were looking for, a real way to secure cryptocurrency, you can use it to secure your account in the exchanges and if you have a multi cryptocurrency wallet it is safe as well.


This incredible antivirus for cryptocurrency have all the features that the best antivirus in a paid version use to have and it also include a special protection for everything connected to the cryptocurrency world and his name is Crypto Protector made by Starbit


Here there is a great video in Spanish made a friend of mine:


(we are working to translate so you can understand also better) he is showing what he found in his computer that he thought it was protected.


You can register an account in Starbit for free with just name and email, you can test Crypto protector for 10 days and see for yourself all the benefits it can give to you.


I have done like that and I suggest you to do the same, by joining starbit free you start to receive also a newsletter, a weekly digest with the best article in the week about the blockchain and cryptocurrency world (value incredible!), and you can discover much more inside on how to get benefits from all this.


Register now for free in using this sponsor code: 000058 than  from the page that it will open after the registration download the software from google play or apple store (there is a link to download Crypto protector in the website where you register so you do not need to search for it) and use the same email and password you used to register in starbit and test Cryptoprotector for a week, you will understand why it is the best antivirus for cryptocurrency 2018!!!

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